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Customer Testimonials

Rentokil Indonesia has partnered with various commercial companies and received recommendation letters, which is a strong testament to the service excellence and quality assurance we deliver ​to our valued customers.

Aerofood ACS, Jakarta


​​Boasting 40 years of experience as an internationally recognized airline catering provider, Aerofood ACS being a part of national flag carrier Garuda Indonesia has maintained its reputation in delivering premium services with best-in-class food and beverage products..

The Success Story

With such stature come​s​ increased responsibilities in assuring all quality measures are in place. Rentokil Indonesia ha​s ​been working closely with Aerofood ACS in ensuring a successful Coprehensive Pest Management Programme

Our experts can advise you on the use of appropriate monitoring or non-toxic systems in highly sensitive production and storage areas where the use of poisonous bait for rodent control is not permitted.

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