Why Rentokil

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For over 45 years we have protected properties across Indonesia from pests

All our technicians are highly trained and certified pest controllers

Innovative and unique treatments that resolve pest problems effectively

Customer Testimonials

Rentokil Indonesia has partnered with various commercial companies and received recommendation letters, which is a strong testament to the service excellence and quality assurance we deliver ​to our valued customers.

Aerofood ACS, Jakarta


​​Boasting 40 years of experience as an internationally recognized airline catering provider, Aerofood ACS being a part of national flag carrier Garuda Indonesia has maintained its reputation in delivering premium services with best-in-class food and beverage products..

The Success Story

With such stature come​s​ increased responsibilities in assuring all quality measures are in place. Rentokil Indonesia ha​s ​been working closely with Aerofood ACS in ensuring a successful Coprehensive Pest Management Programme

Our experts can advise you on the use of appropriate monitoring or non-toxic systems in highly sensitive production and storage areas where the use of poisonous bait for rodent control is not permitted.

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