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Material Safety Data Sheets

If you need to know more about the pest control products used during your service Rentokil has Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on all the products we use to keep you, your business and your home free of pests.

All our product labels and AQIS documents are also available below for your convenience.

Abate 1 GR
Advion 0 6 RB
Advion 20 WG
Agenda 25 EC
Agita 1 GB
Agita 10 WG
Biflex 25 EC
Blatannex 2 15 Gel
Cislin 25 EC
Conant 1 75 GR
Contrac 0 005 BB
Degesch Plate
Delta Trap
Direct 100EC
Exterminex 0 1 BB
Fendona 15 SC
Ficam 80 WP
Fumitoxin 56 PL
Glueboard Lumnia Compact
Glueboard Lumnia Standard
Glueboard Lumnia Ultimate
Hoy Hoy Trap
Icon 100 CS
Icon 25 EC
Jolt 25 EC
K Othrine 20 EW
K Othrine 25 EC
Lasio Trap
Lem Fox Tube
Lem Trap Tikus Cap Gajah 70 Gram
Lem Tube Cap Gajah 100 ml
Luminos 1 Glue Trap
Luminos 1 Glueboard
Luminos 3 Glue Board
Luminos 3 Glue Roll
Magtoxin 56 PB (Degesch Plate)
Maxforce Forte 0 05 Gel
Maxforce Quantum 0 03 RB
Mo Bee Trap
Mustang 25 EC
Nara Lure Fish
Nara Lure Meat
Nara Lure Vanilla
Neporex 2 WG
New Serrico Trap
Optigard Ant 0 01 RB
Optigard Cockroach 0 1 RB
Option 350 SC
Phostek 56 P
Phostoxin 57 P
Premise 200 SL
Prestise 200 SL
Procon 25 EC
QuickBayt 10 WG
Racumin 0 75TP
Ratgone B 005 BB
Recruit II 0 5 RB
Redoks 10 WP
Redoks 25 EC
Rodex 0 005 BB
Seclira 40 SG
Shenpos 57 TB
Shield 0 05 Gel
Smash 100 EC
Solfac 10 WP
Stealth 240SC
Sticky Pad 10 Watt
Sticky Pad 15 Watt
Sticky Pad Kembara
Storgard CFB RFB Quick Change Dome
Storgard II Kit
Storgard Kairomone Oil
Storgard Ultra Combi Quick Change Dome
Storin 30 EC
Stratagem 0 005 BB
Talon 0 005 BB
Temprid 365 4 SC
Tenopa 60SC
Torios (Confused Flour Beetle)
Torios (Red Flour Beetle)
Unifumi 99 8 GA
Virkon S
Window Trap
Xterm 1B
Xterm 1B Blank Paste
Xterm 1B Termite Bait
Zyrox 0 5 RB

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