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Sighting of cockroaches in your home or business premises can be very distressing. They are associated with filth and are known carriers of infectious diseases including salmonellosis, dysentery, gastroenteritis and typhoid. Their droppings are also linked to trigger eczema and asthma.

Beyond health risks, cockroaches produce an obnoxious odour that taints food and objects they come into contact with. They are highly resilient and can breed rapidly. A quick response at the very first sign of an infestation is essential to control cockroaches in your property and to stop the spread of this pest to your neighbours.

Rentokil’s Solution for Cockroaches

Our experienced and professionally trained service technicians enable us to deal with cockroaches as part of our Integrated Pest Management programme.

We offer a call-out service to treat cockroaches or any other pest problems at your property. Our service is fast, effective and affordable.

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5 easy ways to avoid cockroach:

Cockroaches are known as animals living in dirty place and many people avoid it because of disgust or fear. Not only that, we should need to careful with this oval and flattened animals because of the danger of disease that could transmission. Below, are five easy steps that you can do it yourself if you want to prevent the arrival of a cockroach:

  • 1. Good Sanitation. - Sanitation is an effort to create a healthy condition by maintaining and protecting the environment keep clean. Clean environment is key to prevent roaches coming. Cockroaches really like being in a dark, damp, and dirty. For that, we must always cultivate good practices: not to put off all night washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen after cooking, mop the room diligently, taking out the trash regularly, etc.

  • 2. Close Food Containers tightly. - Often we forget to close food containers either in the room or in the kitchen. If you do not want to eat immediately, do not allow food open until in a long time. Get close containers of food to prevent roaches from harbouring.

  • 3. Fix Trash - The trash is probably the last thing we noticed from the environment. Damaged trash can easily attract odour and inviting cockroaches.

  • 4. Fix Leaky Pipes. - The presence of water is essential for cockroach. Cockroaches can survive for a month without food but can only survive for a week without water. Always check the drains, any leaks from the tap water in your home or pipes under the sink / washtafel. Once you found the leak, it should be immediately repair.

  • 5. Fix Cracks - There are many cracks which cockroaches used it to enter in to the house. This crack can be found underneath the door, cable entrance, slit on the wall, window cutouts, or pipe slit. Do not wait too long to check and repair potential cracks in your building to prevent cockroaches infestation.

Beside preventive measures above, insect sprays can be used in cockroaches hideout areas such as cracks in the walls, vents, and areas not covered by hands. However, if the cockroach infestation gets out of control, or if you notice cockroaches during the daytime which means, heavy infestation, you should call a professional pest control service provider.

Is there any cockroaches in the daytime at your home?

Cockroaches feed almost on anything they can find in your home. Left-over food, food crumbs, decaying matter and even book glue. Because of their close contact with these matters, which contains loads of harmful bacteria and germs, they can cause food contamination when in contact with humans or any food consumption items.

If you see cockroaches in the daytime, it could mean, your home have a serious cockroach infestation because cockroaches typically only emerge at night to feed. You might not be able to see these cockroaches unless they emerge to the surface. However, it might mean there is presence of eggs cases (oothecae) in difficult to reach hiding places, and usually less obvious and visible to our eyes.

Typically in a home, cockroaches enjoy hiding the undersides of appliances like cooking stoves, microwave ovens and refrigerator, underneath sinks or other kitchen installations, or near plumbing corners and wall panels that are dark. Cockroaches dislike lights, which is why they tend to hide at dark places and among clutters or items to stay away from light.

Living rooms may not be spared as well, underneath of sofas or coffee tables, folds of curtain drapes, or piles or newspapers and magazine stacks could encourage hiding activities among cockroaches. Storeroom with poor or minimal lightings coupled with stacked paper bags and cramped with brooms and cleaning agents, are also another potential hiding spot among these cockroaches. In fact, storeroom can be a dangerous key risk area, as it tends to be dark and undisturbed, a perfect spot to hide and breed.

What home owners can do if this really happens to you in the daytime

  1. Do a spring clean, especially in these common hiding areas and out of reach corners
  2. Remove clutter and items stacks or stash
  3. Cockroaches might enter to your home through gaps and crevices. Take the opportunity to seal them
  4. Keeping the home clean after food preparation or consumption can prevent food source for cockroaches
  5. Engage a professional, to do a complete site inspection to identify potential infestation signs
  6. Perform a cockroach control treatment to prevent breeding and further infestation
  7. Maintain the above steps to ensure there are no chances or opportunities to breed and infest

In order to assuring your peace of mind, do not hesitate to get the experts to do a thorough check of your home. Call 0 800 1 333 777 or email to now.

Cockroach Species

Do Not Share Your Kitchen With Cockroach!

Most people will be aannoyed, disgusted or even afraid when they saw this little brown crawling pests scurrying in front of them. But did you know that in addition to the fear of cockroaches, it can carry harmful effect on human health and safety too. In the world of Food & beverage (F & B) as well as the food industry, hotel, or restaurant, this pest are the forbidden existence.

In the F & B sector, cockroach is one of the main enemies that can destroy their food industry business. Cockroaches can transmit diseases such as dysentery, typhoid, poliomyelitis and gastroenteritis as they can live on just about anything; including fermenting products, hair, leather, wallpaper, faeces and rotting food. And, they often breed in unhygienic areas. Cockroach droppings can cause eczema and asthma, and the health risks are particularly high in your industry, hotel, or restaurant containing end users. Financial loss due medical reimbursement, damage groceries, audit failure, or low dining traffic can be damaging to the food business as well.

As a cockroach infestation in your area poses various health risks, it is important to establish the source of your cockroach problem and to ensure you take the appropriate steps to start getting rid of these harmful pests. Particularly in food preparation environment, Cockroach is often attracted with the presence of their food source if they are left uncleaned. This is what you need to do to prevent attracting them:

  1. Fix plumbing / water sources pipe. Cockroach can live for a month without any food, but no more than a week without water. So you can remove their critical meal source: water. Fix all water leaks in your kitchen.
  2. Clean your kitchen thoroughly. A clean area is a key to keeping cockroaches away, and the first place to start is the kitchen. Wash dishes and put food away promptly after meals. Clean up crumbs and spills right away, and generally keep the area clean.
  3. Keep food containers sealed. Do not leave food out for extended periods or untouched dirty dishes overnight.
  4. Keep the floor clean. This includes crumbs and sticky spots. Do not splash water against the walls; remember, they need water. If need to, do wipe them dry after cleaning.
  5. Take out the trash regularly. Do not let the trash sit for too long. Use a trash can with a lid and empty the waste regularly.

Even though DIY cockroach control products address the immediate issue, cockroach infestations are likely to re-occur, especially when surviving cockroach eggs are hatched after one or two months later. It is important to seek the help of a qualified pest control technician to get rid of cockroaches in the long term. You can contact professional pest controllers to manage these concerns at the toll free number 0 800 1 333 777 or get more information at

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