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Dengue Prevention and Control

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Dengue prevention and control

Indonesia is a tropical country which is characterized by high humidity and temperatures throughout the entire year.  However, the fact is most of the mosquito species are widespread and prefer to live in a tropical region because the mosquito can easily find access to humidity and water in order to survive.

Aedes Aegypti is one of the mosquito species that is widely known as a vector for transmitting tropical infectious disease like dengue fever in many parts of the world, including Indonesia.

Thus, by letting the mosquito infestation, especially the Aedes mosquito population uncontrolled around your property, it is not impossible if it will increase the possibility for you and your family to be threatened from the risk of dangerous mosquito-borne diseases.

In Rentokil, we believe that your family and health are the two most important things in life. Ensure the complete protection with the innovative Rentokil mosquito control solutions to reduce mosquito populations and larvae at your property.

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