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Eco-friendly pest control

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Controlling both adult and breeding mosquito in an integrated and green manner


Introducting the new and green mosquito control innovation: In2Care

A mosquito trap that targets 2 life-stages of the mosquito, both adult and larvae when they pupate. Adult mosquitoes are lure to the trap and deposit their eggs in the water. These are then contaminated with a slow-killing biological fungus and larvicide, which takes a few days to eliminate adults mosquitoes and block Dengue replication. Similarly, the larvae are also eliminated through this contamination process. Safe on pets as biological fungus is only toxic to insects and larvicide deployed targets specifically at mosquito larvae.

Installation location

There are few In2Care installation location which recommended by us, these includes:

  • Shaded or vegetated areas where mosquitoes like to breed
  • Corners of outdoor porches
  • Underneath garden sinks or near shrubs

How does In2Care works?

mosquito trap

  • A gauze strip on the trap floater will be replaced every 4 to 6 weeks for optimal results and placed at high risk areas
  • Traps are filled with water and applied with the biocide-treated gauze
  • Water will be refilled every few weeks depending on the climate