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Eco-friendly pest control

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Embracing innovation and technology in reducing paper consumption

The future of pest management reporting is here

We know that managing pest control can be demanding. As part of the Rentokil service, myRentokil gives you all the information you need to monitor pest activity at your fingertips. Putting you back in control.

  • Pest ServiceTrak is a reporting innovation to replace paper-based service reports and adopt environmentally – friendly processes
  • myRentokil is an online reporting tool available for customers’ ease of monitoring and service transparency


myRentokil is a unique online pest control reporting system designed and built by Rentokil. It is easy to use and delivers real-time information, facilitating a proactive approach to pest prevention and control. Access is available 24/7 from wherever you are, providing you with the peace of mind that you can view and analyse your pest control data whenever you want.

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Key features of myRentokil

  • 24/7 information access on pc, tablet or smartphone
  • View visit and service history
  • Pest prevention recommendations, allowing you to focus on key areas
  • Pest activity reporting
  • Customised user reporting function - schedulling of reports available
  • Document download facility

Benefits of myRentokil

  • 24/7 information access - as an online tool, you can gain access from wherever you are on a range of devices from laptop to mobile

  • Pest prevention recommendation - with priority status and photos, allowing you to focus on the key areas

  • Multi-site capabilites with detailed site plans - allowing you to drill down to the level of information required

  • Intuitive user interface - for ease of use

  • Trend analysis of pest activity - including reports to support your legislative reporting and auditing requirements allowing potential risks to be anticipated and preventive measures to be taken

  • Customised user reporting - with the ability to schedule reports as required

  • Document download facility - relevant online documentation can be securely downloaded when required

Reasons why you should start using myRentokil now

  • Can't find the service report from your last treatment? - all reports are conveniently stored for your easy retrieval
  • Can't remember details of your service history and coverage? - refer to your service coverage and frequently in the service history details