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Eco-friendly pest control

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Time saving in managing rodent problems

Find out more about Rentokil's latest pest control innovation and solutions on rodent control that could save your time in manage rodent problems.

Rat Riddance Connect


An innovative snap trap that forms part of the Connect system. Fully integrated with myRentokil, Rentokil’s customer portal, Rat Riddance Connect is able to send immediate notification of a rat capture. This ensures quick action by Rentokil technicians to remove the rodent and further inspect the premise for possible root causes.

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  • 24/7 monitoring of device activity
  • Instant notification and immediate response upon device trigger
  • Replaceable shoe to maintain hygiene standards
  • Waterproof design appropriate for external use

Key benefits

  • 24/7 monitoring of device activity with instant capture upon trigger
  • Instantly communicates captured rodent, immediately alerting Rentokil
  • Able to distinguish between a capture and false trigger
  • Replaceable shoe to maintain hygiene standards
  • Integrated into myRentokil for access to an audit trail of device activity

What can Rat Riddance do?

5 key features on what Rat Riddance can do for you.

  • Monitor - Rat Riddance Connect protects your premise 24/7 and continuously monitoring rat activity.

  • Alert - As soon as the device is triggered, a message is sent to an on-site control panel, updating the Rentokil servers and creating an alert for the local Rentokil technician. As soon as the server is updated, the customer portal also reflects the activity, providing a full audit trail of the time and location of pest activity.

  • Respond - Once the technician is notified, immediate contact will be made with you to arrange a convenient service in time in line with your contract.

  • Report - All service visit activities are recorded on Rentokil's customer portal: myRentokil. Providing real-time information, it is accessible 24/7, allowing you to view your on-site pest management including service history, recommendations, and identified pest activity. It's flexible, customisable functionalities deliver valuable insights with interactive site plans, dynamic charts, and scheduled reporting.

  • Optimise - During the visit, the Rentokil technician will remove the rat from the device and reset it. In addition, a full inspection of the premise is conducted to ensure that further preventative measures can be put in place to protect your business from pest activity.

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Rat Hatch


The presence of rodents in commercial buildings is not only unpleasant, but also hazardous. Rentokil’s Rat Hatch is designed to be installed directly to hard-to-access ceiling spaces in commercial buildings, protecting people against harmful pathogen and allergen risks, and buildings again rodent damage and fire risks.

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  • Alerts with a red button indicator when a rodent is caught
  • Safe access to ceiling spaces
  • Easy to service, clear and reset
  • Hygienic non-contact removal of the rodent
  • Peace of mind – Fulfills legal, health and safety requirements
  • Quick servicing – Minimal disruption to business

Key benefits

  • Installed directly into hard-to-access ceiling voids
  • Visually non-intrusive
  • Suitable for use on rats or mice
  • Stops overhead rodents in their tracks

Business sectors

  • Food production and storage
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

What can Rat Hatch do?

6 key features on what Rat Hatch can do for you.

  • Lightweight device, specifically design for use in ceilings, hard to reach areas, or locations with limited access.

  • Designed to be serviced from ground level, increasing safety by reducing the need to work at height.

  • Activation indicator gives an instant alert to rodent capture, minimising disruption to your business.

  • Visually non-intrusive rodent control device.

  • Sensitivity settings that make it suitable for use on rats or mice.

  • Removes the need to use poisons in your workplace, making it the ideal non-toxic solution.