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Vessel Fumigation

Pest infestation is not uncommon on-board vessels and ships, it is essential to take charge of the situation to eliminate pests especially rats, as part of legal requirements. Prior conducting vessel fumigation, it is necessary to vacate risk areas and ensure that effort has been made to seal all openings to prevent the fumigant (Methyl Bromide) used from escaping.

Re-entry into the fumigation area is only allowed when it has been declared safe and free of gas by the fumigators-in-charge. This is after tests are carried out to confirm the gas concentration level is below OES (Occupational Exposure Standard).

Why Rentokil?

At Rentokil, our qualified fumigators are licensed professional and have extensive experience to conduct fumigation services that ensures your vessels are delivered safely with minimised risk of contamination. Contact us to find out more.

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