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Lumnia Suspended

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NEW! Lumnia Suspended

The innovative, ceiling-suspended solution – ideal for covering large, open areas in high-dependency locations.

Lumnia Suspended is the latest addition to Rentokil’s Lumnia range. The unit’s modern exterior contains three powerful 10W LEDs that are highly attractive to flying insects, but it uses a very low amount of energy when compared to other insect light traps. Ideal for high-dependency businesses such as industrial sites, food processing plants, warehouses, or pharmaceutical facilities.

Key benefits

All the great benefits of Lumnia Suspended:

  • It's highly effective - It eliminates the nuisance caused by flying insects, attracting them from a much greater distance.

  • It's cost-effective - LED bulbs use less energy, lowering your running costs and reducing your carbon footprint.

  • It has a large attraction area - It’s an open, ceiling-suspended solution that allows multi-directional, UV-LED attraction.

  • It’s adaptable - It’s available with a flat glue board, or an encapsulation module, depending on requirements.

  • It's safe and hygienic - No pesticides are used, insect fragments are avoided and it’s quick and easy to service

  • It provides peace of mind - It complies with legal and health and safety requirements.

Do you have a fly control challenge?

Do you need an LED fly killer solution that can save your business up to 50% on energy costs compared to a traditional fly killer?

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