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Food Processing Pest Fun Fact

10th October 2017

Legislation worldwide requires pests to be excluded from food processing plants and the prevention of food contamination by pests. Find out more the risk area of pest disturbance in food processing business!

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Industrial Pest Fun Fact

14th August 2017

Pests are high risk threats in the industrial premises and its supply chain. Find out more about pests and risks of concern in industrial premises here!

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Hotel Pest Fact

18th July 2017

Find out more information about pest risks that can infest hotels here!

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Zika Virus

17th January 2017

Find out more about further symptoms and how to prevent the zika virus!

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Bed Bugs Menace

4th January 2017

Find out more about bed bugs threat here!

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Filthy Facts About Flies

3rd January 2017

Discover the interesting facts about flies here!

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Rats Chewing Up Your Place

3rd January 2017

Find out more the interesting facts about rats and where you can find them in your place.

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Termite's Life

8th December 2016

Find out more about Termite's Life here.

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4 Ways To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

6th December 2016

Learn more how to eliminate cockroaches.

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Mosquitoes Have Been Cited as The World's Deadliest Pest

12 October 2016

Learn more how to prevent and protect from Mosquitoes bites

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Rodent are many causes various kinds of damage.

2 June 2016

Find out the facts about rodent in Indonesia.

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Do you know how much loss caused by termites?

16 June 2016

Learn more about termites to eliminated them.

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Bed Bugs in Indonesia

Find out about Bed Bugs Menace

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Rats Facts

Find out more about Rats!

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Termites Facts

Find out more about Termites

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