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Are You Evidently Inviting Common Household Pests to Come?

In the modern era, homes are getting cozier and more than a place to live - its lifestyle centric! Thanks to today’s creative interior designers who is sprucing up homes in a conducive and luxurious manner. Due to space constraints, some home’s space layout is constructed creatively to suit multiple purposes and activities.

However, some of your habits and activities are turns out to evidently inviting common household pests to come! What are they? Find the answers below.

Open concept living & dining area

open space dining and living room

For smaller apartments, the living and dining area is usually integrated to utilize the minimal space effectively. As a result, we tend to do many things in the common space including snacking tea breaks and meals while working or watching TV.

Household pest danger: Food crumbs and sugared drinks may drop onto your fabric sofa, rug or carpet, trapped between gaps and corners of your furniture. Too tiny to be seen and these leftovers are excellent meals for ants and cockroaches.

Overly cluttered with furniture & fixtures

overly cluttered fixtures

Another common home challenge is the overly cluttered living hall area with furniture, book shelves, TV entertainment and artefacts that creates more blind spots and potential harborage area for various household pests.

Household pest danger: dropping food bits or beverage spilling among these clutters makes it harder to spot and clutters hinder adequate and thorough domestic cleaning. Find out where are cockroaches favorite hiding spot in a home here.

Bedroom is transformed into entertainment space


Let’s face it, we all love our comforting and cozy bedroom and tend to spend a lot of time engaging in personal activities within the room. For instance: reading, watching TV, working on laptop, snacking and drinking as well. 

Household pest danger: dropping food traces on the bed increases attractant risks of pests such as cockroaches and ants. Cockroaches are nocturnal pests and are active at night.

Study corner are designed within bedroom

study corner in bedroom

In today’s busy work environment, and the work flexibility trends, we all bring work back home. Rushing deadlines and clearing outstanding would also mean working at home over the night and weekends. With study corners incorporating into bedrooms or spare room, it also means attracting these common household pests that seeks the same food source as us in the room.

Household pest danger: Leaving half eaten food on the table or disposing the waste in your room’s bin is a bad home sanitation habit that encourages pest infestation.

What can you do to prevent household pests?

Symptoms always start small and unobvious. For example: cockroach droppings and nymphs. It is helpful to start noticing them early, so that you can take quick and early corrective actions before infestation turns heavy. 

Caution: Spotting cockroaches in the day could mean your home has quite serious cockroach problem.

Not sure how cockroach signs are like? Or what is the best treatment for cockroaches? 

Reliable home pest control for roaches is always a call away to clear your doubts and ensure safety for your family.

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