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How to Get Rid of Ants: 9 Facts About Ants You Should Know

Ants are social insects, they live and work together. Although ants generally harmless, yet its presence are considered as a nuisance pest when they enter the home to forage for food.

Below are 9 interesting facts you should know in order to get rid of ants at home:

Fact 1 – Ants are really tiny, but their little legs are strong enough to carry 50 times of their body weight. 

Fact 2 – They actually have 2 stomachs! 1 to hold food for itself and the other to hold food to be shared with other ants. 

Fact 3 – Their body is protected with hard armor. 

Fact 4 – Ants are small enough to go into hiding and escape from eradication. However, they leave some tell-tale signs you can spot, such as ant pathways or ant nests. 

Fact 5 – Ant colonies if get out of hand can grow as big as from a dozen to thousands. However, you can take proactive ant control measures to ant prevent ants from multiplying to uncontrollable size, such as clearing up food spillages, sweeping up food crumbs or sweet food which ants are attracted to.

Fact 6 – Despite the tiny size, ant bites sting. Fire ants can inflict painful stings and they are particularly attracted to sweet food and protein, thus often found in kitchens. Learn about the various ants in kitchen here. 

Fact 7 – Sugar ants are common in homes, and are difficult to locate due to their nocturnal behavior. 

Fact 8 – Ants can create a “hard to reach” spot as a home in your house! They can live in foundation walls, under the concrete slab, wall cavities (especially carpenter ants) and behind kitchen cabinets that even the best ant bait will not work. 

Fact 9 – Interestingly, termites also known as “white ants” in Indonesia is commonly mistaken and confused as ants.

Ant problem potentially bring to your family health and safety risks such as painful ant bites and food contamination. You should start to learn to spot the warning signs such as ant nests, ants in your food and ant trials.

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