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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Get Rid of Spiders

“Incy Wincy spider climbed up the water spout. Down came the rain and washed the spider out. Out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain. So, Incy Wincy spider climbed up the spout again. “

Do you remember singing along to this tune in your school days? A song so catchy and lively for kids, yet there is a moment of truth in this popular nursery rhyme. That is, many spiders crawl in from the outside to your homes.  

Naturally the first reaction of many when they spot a spider crawling at home is probably to scream. Many people are afraid of spiders and this phobia of spiders is called Arachnophobia. The mere sight of spiders could make your hair stand on the edges. Its 8 legs and 2 eyes just creep up and make you shiver. Another peer over to that dark corner in the wardrobe, cabinet or under the wash basin has now make you discover the horrors of cobwebs and egg sacs you have been sharing the home with Incy Wincy and its babies.  

Fret not! You can take this situation into your own hands today with this ultimate cheat sheet on getting rid of spiders.

Use white vinegar – White vinegar, a common household item is able to repel spiders with its strong acidic smell. Spiders simply hate that smell! Mix 8 portions of vinegar with 2 portions of water; place the solution in a spray bottle and start aiming at the nooks and crevices, window sills and doorways. This can help to repel the spiders, that is- a wonderful short-term solution.

Why is this a short-term solution?  Trying to get rid of spiders with DIY vinegar and water solution can be a temporary method to deter spiders from entering your home, or choosing a snug corner to settle in. However, many other precautions have to be taken as well when in the first place these spiders actually crawl in from the outside.

Proofing your home – Homeowners should look to sealing gaps, cracks and crevices especially along window sills and door ways. This prevents spiders from having a chance to crawl in.  

Doing proper proofing for your home is important as you would have also reduced the chances of attracting spiders into your home when its food sources are kept out. Pests such as cockroaches, cloth moths and fruit flies all serve as attractive food for spiders.

Be aware – While DIY solutions and proofing your home serve as deterrents, however, if a spider infestation gets out of control, you may risk getting spider bites*. Seek help from a professional pest control company in Indonesia to control the population effectively. Rentokil Pest Control with more than 45 years of pest control experience is here to discuss any of your pest worries.

* Spider bites can be dangerous depending on type and species of spiders. Always seek proper medical attention from a doctor if you are bitten.

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