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Top 4 Concerns in a Cockroach Problem

Quick facts about cockroaches:

  • Cockroaches are cold-blooded insects and there are more than 4,000 species of cockroaches found in the world
  • Thought to be one of the most resilient insects ever, cockroaches thrive in favorable conditions and this includes indoor places where they seek warmth and moisture
  • They are also not fussy eaters, they eat almost anything!

If you are experiencing a cockroach problem indoors at home or in the office, be sure to get some facts straight first before deciding on the next step you should take.

1. Is that German Cockroach or American Cockroach?

Is that important at all to identify cockroach species which is invading your personal indoor space? The answer is yes – because when we understand the species or type of cockroach, we know how they behave and this makes pest controlling easier.

  • German Cockroaches - mainly found in home apartments, buildings and offices. They like to hide in dark places such as in cupboards and behind electric fridges. If you have a German cockroach problem, keep all cabinets and cupboards always clean and dry. All food should be stored in tight sealed containers. The back of your fridge should be checked frequently to spot if any of them is hiding or even breeding in there.
  • American Cockroach – is a much larger species which grows up to 40mm in length! They are often found in outdoor environments in big sewers and drains, so it is quite unlikely one of them would get into homes. However, all cockroaches are capable of squeezing through tiny gaps due to their flexible exoskeletons!

Learn also about the Brown Banded Cockroach another commonly found cockroach species in Indonesia here

2. Is there such thing like a roaches nest hiding somewhere?

Contrary to what most people would think, there is actually no such thing as a cockroach nest. This is because cockroaches hide and breed almost anywhere that is dark and secluded enough. With humidity and moist present, these make conditions more ideal for them to stay around and produce. Cockroaches produce egg cases known as ‘oothecae’. Each of these cockroach egg cases contain up to 44 eggs in each case.

3. What attracts cockroaches?

Before we even look into what really attracts live cockroaches to homes, you must know that these pests most likely make their way indoors from the outdoors on their own through gaps, cracks and crevices. In the kitchen, it is definitely possible for them to come up and in from pipes and drains. All these gaps should be identified and sealed. Windows are recommended to be kept shut and closed tightly especially during night time when they are most active foraging for food. Keeping them out is crucial.

Now, what really attracts cockroaches is largely about hygiene and housekeeping that one has. What can you do to prevent cockroach invading your home? Follow these simple tips below:

  • Garbage bags should be kept sealed and disposed of regularly
  • Cleaning up after a huge cook out at home greatly helps in reducing grease and grim sticking around that could attract cockroaches to feed on

Did you know? Cockroaches are particularly fond of beer. The malt and sugar content in beer highly attracts these pests. It sounds like they really would do with a great party!

4. How can I get the best treatment for cockroaches?

Usually, spraying cockroach insecticides on your own trying to gutted cockroach infestation at home which has gone out of control is not a feasible idea. Because firstly, cockroaches reproduce very quickly, they also crawl around at lightning speed. Secondly, you could only spray insecticide on cockroaches you have sighted upon. There could be many others out there out of your reach and sight. Lastly, sprays may be flammable and cause potential fire hazards.

To get the best cockroach treatment, it is a combination of pest expertise and using safe treatment methods to control. Cockroach pest control experts are able to identify hot spots in a home where the type of cockroaches tend to hide and breed. Then, a suitable treatment method is recommended based on the level of infestation.

Working along with owners on their good housekeeping and pest proofing tips, pest control residual spraying, gels and baits are effective against a cockroach problem. Cockroaches strive on food source and hiding shelters to survive and breed.

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