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As the expert in pest control, we have grown to be a strong, established and trusted service provider offering effective solutions for more than 45 years. 

Besides shielding our customers’ home and family from harmful and destructive pest, Rentokil Cikarang have also been protecting the reputation of our customers from the commercial sectors, ranging from Industrial and Manufacturing to Food Processing through our comprehensive pest management programme

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Termite is one of the main pest issue faced by residents. This small but destructive pest could slowly damage the structure of a building if action is not taken.


As a production intensive labour city, Cikarang is filled with large scale Industrial & Manufacturing and Food Processing Chains and is prone to pest issues such as rodents.

Expert protection for Cikarang homes

As we live within termite-risks area, we have vast experiences and knowledge in termite protection and treatment, including termite inspections, monitoring, baiting, and pre and post-construction barriers. 

But termites aren’t our only issue! We have a wide range of solutions to manage common household pests such as rats, cockroaches, ants, and everything else that bothers us across Cikarang city. 

We provide responsive, effective and safe pest control solutions by Cikarang locals backed by the assurance that comes with the Rentokil name.

How Can We See Termites Signs That is found inside the Walls?

Cikarang is widely known as the leader of industrial estate in Indonesia and as well as the biggest in Southeast Asia. As the capital district of Bekasi, Cikarang is also one of the seven zones in Bekasi Regency with an estimated total industrial estate area of 6,000 hectares and covering up to 56% of Bekasi Regency total area.

The presence of expatriates and foreign investors in Cikarang industrial sector has also triggered the growth of residential property sales covering house and apartments in Cikarang. At current, there are about 4,000 businesses located in Cikarang and estimated 21,000 expatriates working and living in Cikarang and its surrounding region.

This crucial risk relating to home such as signs of termites remains non oblivious not just among these expatriates but locals as well.  In fact, termite home invasion is becoming one of the most common problems faced by every home owner!

Did you know that at least 15% of your home structure is made of wooden material? They can damage your home structuremade of cellulose from your housetops, foundation framework up to the window and door frame, as these are termite’s favorite food! There is another bad news and reason why your home is vulnerable to termite infestation. Termites can penetrate thick material in your home as an intermediary entry access to your home, such as concrete slabs or cement walls. One of the termites species, subterranean termites are one of the savaging termite species which have the ability to attack your home starting from your wall!

Thus, exterminate termite infestation on the wall is really not an easy work to do, and sometimes the sign of termites in your home are less visible and is challenging to find the appropriate treatment to protect your home structurally while still maintaining the home aesthetics.

Here are some DIY tips you can do to minimise termite access to your home, by adopting the early prevention to the termite problems starting from your home wall:

  1. It will help by removing wallpapers in your interior home. You will notice first sign of problem if your wall had a sign of water infiltration which is the major cause of mildew (Remember! Sign of water infiltration will increase your home wall moisture that attracts termites)
  2. Do not neglect the home wall cracks! The wall cracks could be another termite’s access to enter your home easily. Make sure that you seal the cracks once you have spotted any
  3. Access through the cracks of power outlet access is also possible. It’s highly recommended to periodically check your power outlet access; if you see a soil tracks tunnel, it could mean that there are termites hiding behind your wall!

If your termite’s problem is still persisting even when you have taken some DIY measures, you are highly encouraged to seek urgent professional help. Rentokil Indonesia is the reliable professional pest control specialist to help you get rid of challenging termites starting from your home wall!

We offer you a solution to lighten your burdens through our termite protection plan such as baiting and liquid termiticide injection for your termite problem at home. Fumigation is also available in some cases. Call us now to schedule free termite inspection survey at 0 8001 333 777 or fill our online enquiry form.

Expert protection for Cikarang businesses

Within Cikarang, we work closely with various food processing and industrial and manufacturing plants so we understand the need to offer effective pest control solutions that ensure your standards across the entire supply chain and reputation will not be compromised by pest activities. 

We also work with number of offices and restaurants, ensuring our services are completed discreetly and with minimal disruption to their business and their own customers.

Pest Problem in the Midst of Industrial Growth in Cikarang

Cikarang is known as the largest industrial district in West Java. Cikarang is also one of the city in Indonesia that positioning themselves as the home of the biggest industrial area in the South East Asia by advancing the growth of industrial city in the past few decades. With the full support form foreign investors such as Japan, South Korea and China, it is predicted that Cikarang will massively grow into a strong and biggest economic industrial estates based and serving as the backbone of national economy in the three-or-five years ahead just like Shenzhen City in China.

There are three major industrial areas in the region, namely Jababeka with owning 5,000-hectare of industrial estates, Lippo Cikarang as the biggest listed property developer is owning 30,000-hecatare of industrial estates and Delta Silicon with 3,000-hectare industrial estates. Thus, Cikarang is currently as a home to about 4,000 companies that have manufacturing facilities in the area and employ 350,000 workers, including approximately of 20,000 expatriates.

It can be sure that industries in Cikarang have ‘zero tolerance’ on pests. To ensure effective prevention of these unwanted visitors, the adequate protection and risk prevention through industrial pest control is essential to avoid unforeseen implications and danger from the arising of pest problem within the business compound.

An inevitable pest entry in a large scale environment in a manufacturing plant is derived from rodent infestation that commonly came from rats! Rats is a pest that only need 1cm gap to squeeze into the manufacturing plant at ease. Their fast reproduction also affects to the rampant and cause some detrimental impact to the the production activities.

Since manufacturing plant is labor intensive, hence employees’ health and safety is absolutely critical to ensure all the productivity process is working well to support production-stringent business. Adequate employee’s food safety for instance, is an example to adhere at all times, especially during food preparation stage in the canteen or kitchen that is largely caused by rats or cockroach infestation. In addition, not forgetting the diseases from mosquito bites, such as Dengue Fever and Zika Virus that transmitted through Aedes Aegypti mosquito species. Thus, if the adult mosquito population and mosquito breeding are not properly controlled, your manufacturing plant will be welcome to increased mosquito breeding activity and the distribution of disease vectors is enlarged!

Rentokil Pest Control is a leading industrial professional partner when it comes to controlling pest risks in compliance with industry best practice and statutory obligations such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

Call our team of experts to do a site survey at your manufacturing plant at 0 800 1 333 777, or email to for non-obligation site survey. Rentokil Indonesia offers professional pest control recommended according to your industrial pest control needs and infestation condition.

Industrial Pest Control: Top Pest Concerns in Cikarang Area

Cikarang is a town in Indonesia and the capital city of Bekasi Regency, which comprises a huge contribution of the industrial that manages massive manufacturing businesses. Besides renowned as the biggest industrial estate in Indonesia, Cikarang will also become the first and the only Integrated Customs Services Zone in Indonesia through the developments of Customs Dry Port. International Airport and Double-Track Railroad is another on-going project, which consolidate Cikarang more than just an industrial estate Indonesia, indeed as future of Indonesia economic foundation.

Cikarang is the home of numerous industrial sectors, that includes industry in the raw materials processing, packaging, electronics, maintenance and machinery. Typically, these manufacturing plants and warehouses are subjected to various environmental and facility issues that can potentially subject business to some risks. Thus, it can be well said that industrial sectors in Cikarang have vulnerable sites to many of pest infestation, and the industrial pest control is crucial to ensure a pest free environment for all your staff and industrial facilities.

For example, termites are sneaky pests that become a challenge for many plants in Cikarang. Year-round warm temperatures, high humidity, and soil which consist of rich in organic materials are become some factors that triggering the termite infestation.

Termites or ‘white ants’ are widely known as the world’s most destructive pest. Termites are typically a silent destroyer pest and its very challenging to detect their signs before the damage is visibly seen. Early termite prevention will save business the unnecessary time and investment spent to rectify the problem. The peace of mind assurance also means, allowing the business more focus to drive growth.

Most of the time, termite infestation is hard to identify unless you have support from professional pest control to get rid of termites at the first place. Additionally, termite problem will not only harm your industrial premises structurally, yet it also affects to your productivity lost, employees’ safety and more importantly damage brand’s image. Thus, if you found termites signs in your industrial premises, then you have to be ready to suffer from a huge financial loss because a severe harm is on the edge of your business!

Most of the time, termite infestation is hard to identify unless you have support from professional pest control to get rid of termites at the first place. Additionally, termite problem will not only harm your industrial premises structurally, yet it also affects to your productivity lost, employees’ safety and more importantly damage brand’s image. Thus, if you found termites signs in your industrial premises, then you have to be ready to suffer from a huge financial loss because a severe harm is on the edge of your business!

Rentokil with coverage in more than 50 countries globally and in over 20 branches in Indonesia, possess the expertise to manage the industrial pest control service. We deliver a suite of integrated services including professional inspection, safe and responsive termite control and monitoring. Call us at 0 800 1 333 777 to get our free termite survey or reach us online at

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