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Jakarta Pest Control

As the expert in pest control, we have grown to be a strong, established and trusted service provider offering effective solutions for more than 45 years. 

Besides shielding our customers’ home and family from harmful and destructive pest, Rentokil Jakarta have also been protecting the reputation of our customers from the commercial sectors, ranging from hotels, office and food & beverage with our various pest management program 

With Rentokil's nationwide branch networks, our pest expert is just a call away. Contact us now for further enquiries.

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Often mistaken for pest, termites are financially and architecturally damaging pest to residential homes. They consume beyond timber, and attacking any cellulose material.


Poor waste and hygiene management contributes to the rapid growth of rats infestations in Jakarta. Besides affecting local businesses, rats are known carriers of leptospirosis.


Jakarta, a city that offers food business makes it an ideal environment for cockroaches to breed. Cockroaches are highly adaptive and may condition to grow immune to DIY pest control products.

Expert protection for Jakarta homes

There are various pest commonly affect residential homes. However, termite is 1 challenging pest that is often neglected and consequences and damages can get too severe when we start to notice the symptoms. 

We also offer a wide range of solutions for various pests such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, rodents and all other pest found in Jakarta homes. 

We provide responsive, effective and safe pest control solutions by Jakarta locals backed by the assurance that comes with the Rentokil name.

Expert protection for Jakarta businesses

In Jakarta, we work closely with many offices and office buildings, so we understand the need to offer effective pest control solutions that ensure your safety and reputation will not be compromised by pest activities. 

We also work with various restaurants and hotels which has given us great knowledge of customers’ expectations and needs so we can focus on providing effective pest control solutions to support their businesses.

A need to step up pest measures to meet business expectations

Along with the recovery of the global and domestic economy, business activity in Jakarta has begun to accelerate. Supported by improving economic indicators and political stability, companies in the banking, financial services, automotive, mining, consumer goods and insurance sectors began to roll-out expansion plans.

While optimism in the sector continues to generate interest from developers to build new projects, another trend has also emerged in the market. Along with the growth in new businesses, particularly foreign companies, demand for one-stop serviced offices has also increased. This includes a demand for virtual offices that target overseas companies who intend to set up offices in Indonesia. While getting an official business license and securing a permanent office location, a virtual or serviced office could be a good alternative for initial office location and is considered the best way to start for new entrants.

This phenomenon gave birth to the instant office concept as demand from incoming foreign companies increased significantly. Unlike typical office space offered by building landlords, instant and serviced office operators are able to provide ready-to-occupy office facilities complete with professional basic services such as front desk receptionists, phone operators and clerks on a flexible lease in terms of the length of stay.

Developers have now started to expand their business into One-Complete-Services. They make a complex building including office tower, mall, hotel & apartment where visitors can find all their needs and convenience around the business complex. Since Indonesia has a great market growth in Hotel & Office sector, we need to put our attention to pest possibility in every each area as well. Premium predicate cannot be given to building with a pest problem. It raises customer distrust and worst, it can cause serious disease transmission.

Negative Impact of Pest in Your Business

  • Negative Brand Image
  • Transmission of diseases
  • Additional expenses incurred
  • Food Contamination Risk
  • Complain & Negative Feedback
  • Infrastructure instability

Keeping area clean and cultivate diligent housekeeping are some preventive measures a business can adopt. Staying vigilant in identifying early symptoms can be challenging if the signs are less obvious. The Rentokil specialists are professionally trained to help business spot hot spots and key risk areas.

including gaps and crevices which create proof of entries for these pests. Request for your site survey at or call 0 800 1 333 777.

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