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As the expert in pest control, we have grown to be a strong, established and trusted service provider offering effective solutions for more than 45 years. 

Besides shielding our customers’ home and family from harmful and destructive pest, Rentokil Surabaya have also been protecting the reputation of our customers from the commercial sectors, ranging from Industrial and Manufacturing to Food Processing through our comprehensive pest management programmes

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Termite is one of the main pest issue faced by residents. This small but destructive pest could slowly damage the structure of a building if action is not taken.

Ants & Cockroaches

Ants and cockroaches are some comment pests found in a city with numerous restaurants, shopping malls, offices or hotels.


As a production intensive labour city, Surabaya is filled with large scale Industrial & Manufacturing and Food Processing Chains and is prone to pest issues such as rodents.

Cockroach & Rat Infestation Risk in Surabaya Industrial Area

As the capital city of East Java, Surabaya is known as the second-largest city in Indonesia that has a population over 2.8 million and total area of 350, 54 km². Surabaya is categorized as a highly urbanized city in Indonesia, due to numerous developments on the established industries and residential areas that evenly spread across Surabaya city.

With a rising development on industrial premises in Surabaya, meaning that maintaining healthy and safety manufacturing processes is crucial yet also can be challenging. On other hand, keeping your industrial workplace as a safe and healthy place for your workers it’s even more important to ensure that your workplace is risk-free.

In industrial premises, quality industrial pest control is a must! A pest infestation in the industrial premises is not only set your manufacturing activities and your product at risk, yet its also affect negatively to your business’ reputation. More than that, the biggest capital to your business – the workers, will also potentially suffer from numerous disease caused by pest infestation on site. Some pest related issues to your workers such as consuming foods or drinks that is contaminated by rat feces bacteria or suffer from disease caused by mosquito bites, such as dengue fever or zika virus is should be handled on regular basis with the professional pest control help.

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Rat infestation in industrial premises is not only harmful to your workers, yet also to all the machinery equipment on site. Rat is only need 1 cm gap to squeeze into your production area or warehouse. Besides potentially damage your product and finished packaging, other damage related to machinery equipment wires and cables are also in danger once rat problem is found around.

Cockroach infestation is another common pest problem that most industrial premises faced and hard to control. Cockroach prefer to lodged in the humid, warm and dark places like warehouse. Its because of the nature of warehousing and storage that suffocating with piles of boxes and packages, which become potential hiding spots for cockroaches to breed. These kind of place is also difficult for us to reach and tend less easy in cleaning. Thus don’t be surprised if its very easy to found cockroach eggs scattered everywhere between the stack of boxes inside the warehouse.

Gaps and crevices can be a common infrastructure challenge faced by property owners, which encourage the entry of pest problem to invade your industrial premises such as rat, cockroaches, ants, termites. Thus is not surprising that managing a large scale facility can be challenging and stressful.

Engaging a pest control expert can help alleviate these hassles and challenges. Call Rentokil pest control specialist today to gives you a complete peace of mind in running your business in Surabaya, call 0 800 1 333 777 or contact us online.

Expert protection for Surabaya homes

As we live in such a high-risk termite area, we have a great amount of experience in termite protection and treatment, including termite inspections, monitoring, baiting, and pre and post-construction barriers. 

But termites aren’t our only issue! We have a wide range of services for pests such as rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and everything else that bothers us across Surabaya. 

We provide fast, effective and safe pest control solutions by Surabaya locals backed by the assurance that comes with the Rentokil name.

Hassle-Free Way to Protect Home from Termites Infestation in Surabaya

Surabaya is the capital province of East Java and the second-largest city in Indonesia with total population over 6 millions inhabitants in 2016. Like the other metropolitan city in Indonesia, the population growth every year directly impact to the residential density in which many part of the land in Surabaya urban district are projected as a residential area. Up to 60% of the total area in Surabaya comprise of new developing cluster houses and apartments in several districts in east and west Surabaya.

This number is expected to continue growing among landed homes and apartment building in the coming years. This also means increasing the number of every household mortal enemy! Can you guess it? Yes, its termites!

Termites are harmful threat to your home structure as well as to the durability of all wooden-material furniture inside your home. Its existence not only will cause damage to your home structure, yet it also gives you financial losses because it will required a huge cost to repair your home if termites have succeed chewing your home! What is the obvious correlation between the residential areas growth in Surabaya with the household pest infestation like termites at home?

Firstly, you need to understand the main cause of termites assaulting your home is because they are able to sneak into your home structure at anytime and at any possible opportunity without being seen by you! And unlike other pests, termites can survive so long there is shelter, source of food and water. Thus, don’t be surprise your home has turned into their shelter and their diet, and your home humidity will support their breeding! They should never be part of your home!

So, what is the solution to resolve this devastating termite problem? Here are some simple tips to prevent potential termites infestation at home:

How to prevent termites penetrating your home?

  • Reduce the use of timber to some of your home elements (i.e use polyvinyl chloride - PVC window or door frame instead of using timber material)
  • Avoid the direct contact between the wooden home framework with the ground
  • Pick the timber material which resistant against termites attack (i.e teak wood or ironwood)
  • Sprinkle chalk to the ground which closest to window frame (FYI: chalk is able to increase the soil pH balance and reduce acidity!)

What can you do to exclude termite infestation if they have invaded your home?

  • Make sure there are no leaks inside your home (Remember! A damp place is a favorite place for termites to breed))
  • Pay attention to ventilation and air circulation inside your home
  • Make sure there are no wood chunks around your home; if possible get rid of all deadwoods too!

However, termites are the most challenging pest to prevent through housekeeping or DIY tips. This is also why specialist and experts like Rentokil offer comprehensive termites monitoring treatment to minimise your hassle and worry. Rentokil Indonesia is the experts in termite control treatment for over 25 years, and possesses the expertise to help manage the termite problem. Feel free to contact Rentokil branch office in Surabaya at 0 800 1 333 777 or fill the online contact form for a reliable termite inspection and solution.

Expert protection for Surabaya businesses

Within Surabaya, we work closely with various food processing and industrial and manufacturing plants so we understand the need to offer effective pest control solutions that ensure your standards across the entire supply chain and reputation will not be compromised by pest activities. 


Pest Problem in the Midst of Surabaya Industrial Development

Surabaya is one of the major cities in Indonesia and has transformed into a mega city and play an important role as one of the main trade gateway in eastern Indonesia. Economic analysis also mentions that the economic backbone in East Java in 2016 will still be dominated by the industrial sector, typically in manufacturing or processing businesses. Surabaya as the capital of East Java province has contributed for growth within the industrial sector.

Great economic progress has shown Surabaya as an investment-friendly city. This is supported by the government initiatives to provide all infrastructures facilities in the last 5 years. It is a great start to attract investors’ investment in an effort to build a business in this region.

This includes industries that process raw materials into finished goods for sale and undergoing through a series of stringent production process. All processes in industries such as raw material processing, assembly, packaging require zero tolerance policy against pest infestation.

Presence of difference pests’ species in various part of the food processing plant can be easy without sound preventive measures in place. For example, raw food materials encourage the harborage of ant infestation, which are often attracted to sweet food and grease. Ants contaminate food production easily, as they could pick up dirt and infectious organisms. On the other hand, cockroach problem is commonly found in hot and humid areas inside the buildings, such as drains, sewers, basements and pipe ducts, which are common key risk areas in a food manufacturing plant.

As dangerous as ants and cockroach, rat infestation is another issues that potentially dangerous for every industry sectors. Due to its agility, rodent pest such as rats is only need 1 cm gap to effortlessly entering plant. With its fast reproduction nature, rodent infestation not only just challenging to manage yet its infestation could develop into a rampant mode if left undetected and well treated. These incidences could also mean causing some business and financial impact including negative brand reputation, recall and removal of production supplies, cost replacement implications, and essentially, compliance failure to quality audit standards, such as HACCP, GMP, ISO 9001-2008, YUM, BRC and AIB.

At Rentokil Indonesia, we help to maintain your hygiene and cleanliness standards, by ensuring our professional pest control solutions protect these demanding requirements. Our service solutions will help to prove to the businesses you supply, and their customers, that your manufacturing processes are beyond reproach.

Obtain a non-obligation consultation with our team of specialist on 0 800 1 333 777 or fill out our online contact form to arrange a visit from a specialist surveyor who understands the complexities of industrial pest control within industrial premises.

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