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Rat control is important to avoid a number of serious diseases, which rats are known to transmit. There are nearly a dozen diseases directly linked to rats and the ever prevalent disease spread by rats in Indonesia is Leptospirosis. Besides that, rats also carry secondary pest in their fur such as fleas, mites and ticks.

Rats can be very persistent and if they manage to gain access into your home or business premises they can spread these diseases, cause considerable damage and contaminate food.

Why Rentokil rat control?

Rat Problem Solutions

"Satisfying. After using Rentokil services, the rat problems gradually decreased. There are no longer rats gnawing on our wooden doors or cables in the company's area. Thanks and keep moving forward Rentokil!"

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Common signs of rats around the house

Rats in house like to hide with sufficient and tight spaces. Rats can be quite secretive and live in your house for a long time without you even noticing its presence, until the signs of rat infestation are obviously appear.

Learn more about signs of rats to check for if you think you have a rat problem in house through the short animated below.

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Rentokil makes sure the rats go away!

At Rentokil, we can help you avoid costly damage to your property and prevent the transfer of disease by providing effective rat control services.

Our qualified local technicians are backed by global knowledge and innovation and use safe and reliable control methods which offer a long-term solution to your rat problem.

The most effective way to remove rats is with the use of rodenticides. We have a large selection of rodenticides suitable for use indoors and out, in a wide variety of formulations too.

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