Cockroaches Emerge at Night. Daytime Presence Mean Heavy Infestation

Did you know? Cockroaches can stay hungry for many months but they cannot survive without water for up to a week. Cockroaches are detrimental to humans because they try to pick up diseases by lying around in filthy places. They also transmit diseases that may cause food poisoning symptoms should they come into contact with food, utensils and surface. 

They are often found near sewers, drains, kitchens or cabinets. These are common hotspots in your home, particularly bathrooms, kitchens and store room area, whereby the presence of water, food preparation, food wastage or storage are high and common every day. Diligent housekeeping and diligent home maintenance is essential to help keep cockroach infestation at bay. This includes regular domestic cleaning, sealing craps and crevices, keep home dry and wipe water or food spills, disposing of food wastage regularly and storing food in air tight containers. 

However, Cockroaches reproduce fast, whereby a nymph matures into a full grown adult in less than 6 weeks. They typically emerge at night, but should you spot them during the daytime, it could mean heavy infestation. 

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