Cockroaches’ diet are commonly found in a home

There are 3 species of cockroaches and they feed on items that are commonly found in a home. For instance, an American cockroach feeds on anything organic, Brown-Banded Cockroach prefers starchy food, glue found on books or wallpaper, and German cockroach feeds on starchy food. 

Home owners should take diligent steps from preventing Cockroaches’ the chance to feed on these items made available for them. Dispose food waste regularly, store starchy food in air-tight containers or in the refrigerator, pack your home and discard redundant books, boxes or items and clean hard to reach places such as behind cabinets or furniture to prevent a hiding place for Cockroaches to harbourage. 

However, there are times where home owners might not be able to manage with DIY solutions or by maintaining a cleaning regime, due to various uncontrollable factors in a home. It tends to get out of control; particularly the life span of a cockroach ranges from less than a year to 2.5 years or more. 

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