Take Early Steps Before Rodent Presence Turned Disruptive in Your Home

Rodents’ presence can be very disruptive at home. These pests can transmit diseases, make a mess with stains and bites, and damage your furnishings or precious items in your home. More importantly, they can cause fear, health and safety risks, and worries among your family. As rodents are good climber, jumper and swimmer and could squeeze in a building with a 1cm gap, it is important to learn signs of rodents’ presence within your home. 

Here are some tell-tale signs 

  • The presence of bite marks especially in the power cord and food packaging 
  • Smear marks, or rodent grease traces on the wall or surfaces 
  • Physical rodents scurrying in the house, indicating heavy infestation
  • Visible signs of burrows or rodent holes around the house 
  • Rodent droppings or urine stains with a distinctive smell 
  • The sound of rats caused when they gnaw or scratch the surface 

It is useful to take proactive steps in adopting early detection and preventive measures. Understanding rodent’s habits and identifying their presence or traces are some initial steps you can undertake to help manage rodent infestation and worries in your home. 

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