Identify Signs of Termite Infestation & Hot Spots in Your Home

20 January, 2016 What do termites look like? Termites are often mistaken for ants and often it is too late to discover that they are actually termites when the damages to homes have already been made. One useful tip to identify termites versus ants is that the middle section of its waist is much thicker than those of ants; ants have very thin waists. 

Here are some tell-tale signs of termites which indicate presence of termites in house: 

  • Mud tubes on wall 
  • Discarded wings of flying termites 
  • Papery feeling or hollow sounding wood 
  • Termite droppings (for drywood termites, they excrete brown-coloured grainy faecal pellets) 

There are some hot spots for termites in your home you can learn to identify to check for termite infestation and their activities: 

  • Doors and Window Frames 
  • Store located under staircase 
  • Roof and Ceiling 
  • Built In Cabinets 

Regular routine inspection by a licensed pest control technician can help to early detect presence of termites. Experienced technicians are able to detect hollow sounds in wood and the sound respond of soldier termites “creaking” sound when tapped. Indication of an infestation is not easily detected by untrained eyes.

Further Information & Next Steps

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