Rentokil Initial Participation in IHKA Makassar 2016

Rentokil Initial participated in the recent Indonesian HouseKeeping Association (IHKA) in Makasar. The event which was held in Maxone Hotel Makassar on September 23 is an annual event organised by IHKA that was attended by all representatives of IHKA within and surrounding the city of Makassar.

The event attracted a large crowd with high attendance rate from relevant or supporting businesses to the hospitality sector, and seminar speakers whom are experts and widely recognised in the hospitality and housekeeping area were invited to share their expertise. One of the keynote speakers from the Tourism Ministry discuss about the economic and business advancement of the tourism and hospitality industry in Makassar.

The event also invited a number of tourism students from Makassar city with an objective to enhance the importance of this sector among budding students in Indonesia. It also aims to strengthen its partnership and engagement with the exhibitors in stepping up the tourism and hospitality sector and tighten the bond among the community.

The event was attended by over 300 participants and hotel representatives and Rentokil Initial, as the leading brand was proud to introduce innovations and hygiene solutions to raise the hygiene standards by embracing innovation and aesthetics in the hotel industry in Makasar city.

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