Lunch with Rentokil, Have a Chat on Pest Awareness

Rentokil Initial has recently held a “Lunch on Rentokil” event at South Quarter building in February, among tenants within the Human Resource and General Administration function. The networking lunch aims to enhance engagement among tenants, while raising awareness on basic yet critical topics such as hygiene standards and pest risks in the office and at home.

Hosting non-customers and new audiences, some common queries bugging businesses were also raised and answered by the Rentokil experts.  

For instance, why would cockroaches and ants always surface in the pantry and kitchen areas, how to prevent them, and what  treatments can be done to remove these infestations. Widely known as the “Pest of Poor Hygiene”, these cockroaches tend to pick up diseases and contaminate food consumption, leaving employees sick from food poisoning symptoms. Very often, self-help and DIY methods are used to resolve them; however, cockroaches are challenging to manage, because they tend to hide at corners and hard to spot or reach areas. In-fact, they only emerge at night, which makes it more challenging to find them, because most employees will be home by then. Find out which are the typical hiding areas of cockroaches.

While most tenants live in landed properties, the common question raised were, will their home be damaged because of termites? How would termites actually penetrate and attack their home? More importantly, what can be done to alleviate this problem, if it has been surfaced, or how can home owners prevent the infestation from starting? The biggest misconception is termite infestation only happens in landed properties. But the truth is termites can also happen in apartments! This is because termites can travel upwards and horizontally.

Enquire more about the next upcoming Lunch at Rentokil event, or if you will like to know if there are termites or cockroaches acting up at your home, you may request for a home inspection at [email protected] or call the hotline 0 800 1 333 777.