Rentokil Indonesia Introduces the Newest Energy Savings Fly Trap

rentokil lumnia expo 2018

The rapid economic growth in Indonesia along with the tight competition within various industries are require every company to continuously innovate and advancing competitive advantage - both in fabricating innovative product, creating a marketing breakthrough-strategy up to optimizing operational cost efficiency. All these things are should be executed without lowering the quality and standards in the production process.

As the world's leading commercial Pest Control Company, this is the challenge that Rentokil Indonesia wants to answer in 2018. In the beginning of March 2018, Rentokil Indonesia introduced new innovative units called Lumnia – a proven fly trap units that proficient and efficient in reducing electrical energy usage through numerous studies and trials by science experts at Rentokil’s Global Technical Center.

The Lumnia range includes four high-performing units with a modern and seamless design is also comes with energy savings modes that automatically adapt day and night to reduce energy consumption without degrading the quality of its main capability as a monitoring and controlling fly infestation unit.

The advantages of Lumnia units are lies on its capability to automatically adapt from day to night to reduce energy consumption. Lumnia's high attraction output LED lamps offer average energy savings of 61% compared to equivalent competitor fly trap.

"Imagine if your huge factory installs a lot of fly trap units all around the site today and you have to keep them ready in active mode during day and night, how much does it cost to pay?” explained by Managing Director of Rentokil Initial Indonesia, Heri Susanto at Lumnia workshop and launching at JS Luwansa Hotel, South Jakarta.

“If you considering the current fly trap with Lumnia, certainly I can assure that your company will be able to do more cost saving in regards of monthly electricity bills” he added.

Acting as guest speaker in the event, Chef Marinka is also sharing her experiences about kitchen hygiene in the professional chef point of view – which she said “play an important role in the food and beverage industry these days”.

Chef Marinka continued: “Most people are still trapped in the paradigm if hygienic and high-grade food quality is only derived from its hygienic raw materials, but it’s not! Other supporting factor such as the presence of reliable fly trap unit in the kitchen is considered as an important factor that can’t be underestimated in which people rarely to pay attention”.

Find out more about Lumina: the energy savings fly trap unit with LED technology from Rentokil Pest Control here

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