Rentokil Indonesia Receives 2019 Top Brand Award

rentokil indonesia menang top brand award 2019

Nowadays, competing to increase brand equity is something commonly done by many companies in Indonesia. This is done in order to create a positive image of a brand on the intended market target. Lots of brands that were actually popular then gradually dropped, even disappearing from the market. These situations indicate that competition among brands is very competitive and aggressive.

Top Brand Award itself implied as the highest award for a brand given by Marketing magazine based on the research results in which conducted by Frontier Consulting Group. This institution has carried out research starting in 2000 when it involved more than 300 varied products.

The survey method involved eight major cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, Pekanbaru, and Balikpapan. Research is carried out through a brand evaluation based on three parameters, namely: mind share, market share, and commitment share which then produces brand strength indicators in the form of Top Brand Index (TBI).

In 2019, Rentokil Indonesia receives 2019 Top Brand Award in the Pest Control Company category in Indonesia with the TBI of 32.4%. It is the enthusiasm and hard work of the entire Rentokil Indonesia family that has succeeded in maintaining the Rentokil Indonesia brand as the leader in pest control in Indonesia.

The Top Brand Award is actually nothing new for Rentokil Indonesia. It is evident that this prestigious award has been achieved eight times since 2011. Consistency in maintaining the service quality to customers makes Rentokil firmly at the top and rewarded by this highest brand award. This award is also the most beautiful gift, where Rentokil Indonesia even entered the age of 50 this year, and during these 5 decades, Rentokil Indonesia has actively protected many properties in Indonesia from the pest.

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