Rentokil Initial Acquires Terminix Indonesia (part of the PT Agricon)

NOVEMBER 2019 – Rentokil Initial has recently acquired the trade and assets of PT. Agricon Putra Citra Optima (“APCO”), a subsidiary of the PT Agricon trading as Terminix Indonesia and a leading pest control specialist in Indonesia. Recently awarded the Best Pest Control Award and Top Brand Award in the Pest and Termite category [Digital Popular Brand Award 2019]. Founded in 1995, APCO offers pest management solutions for residential and commercial customers across Indonesia from 34 branches, supported by approximately 1300 colleagues.

Together we will “Protect people and enhance lives” by offering the highest standards in integrated pest management, Rentokil Initial Indonesia by offering the highest standards in integrated pest management, strengthening our service commitment and caring for customers. We have a market leading suite of innovations in pest control as well as customer facing digital technology with which we can optimise the protection and safety of the public in a socially responsible way.

There has been an increasing awareness and expectations in health and safety among businesses and consumers in Indonesia, which has led to raised standards and increased demand for quality pest control. Utilising innovations such as digitalisation, IOT (Internet of Things) and environmentally friendly solutions to control common pest concerns such as rodents, mosquitoes and termites has evolved within the pest control industry and is at the forefront of Rentokil’s services.

“This acquisition strengthens our service commitment and care for customers. At Rentokil we have innovations, technology and business processes that we can combine with APCO’s desire to deliver the best service so as to optimise the protection and safety of the public. Health and safety is always a top priority for both the public and as well as our team of specialists.” Pak Heri Susanto (Managing Director, Indonesia and Sri Lanka)

About Rentokil Initial

Rentokil Initial: A Global Organisation

Rentokil Initial operates in all major continents in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Africa. The organization provides a wide range of solutions and services in over 70 countries, where the "Rentokil" and "Initial" brands represent innovation, expertise and quality service. Some of the solutions include textiles and washroom services, pest control, office plants and artwork, parcels delivery and facilities services.

Rentokil Initial employs over 36,000 people and is listed on London Stock Exchange. We offer the strengths and capabilities in a multi-national organization with more than 90 years of brand establishment. Localising the agility of the respective local divisions, we are focused on delivering service excellence to our customers.

More recently, Rentokil Initial was ranked 25th in Britain’s Most Admired Companies 2016/2017. We are privileged to be part of the assessment amongst UK biggest businesses to achieve rank 25th out of 241 entries from a reputable massive leap from 158.

As the highest riser in 2016, entries are evaluated across 12 criteria, including management quality, financial soundness and service quality, talent development and retention, long term investment value, innovation, marketing capabilities, community and environmentally responsible, corporate assets utilisation, inspirational leadership, company competiveness and corporate governance. The accolade is a testament as the leader to innovate and staying ahead of competition, to Protecting People, Enhancing lives. Rentokil Initial was also ranked in FTSE 100 in April, another testament of business strength and stability.

Rentokil Initial Indonesia

Rentokil Indonesia is a pioneer in pest control services and an internationally recognized global brand with over 45 years of brand history in Indonesia. Supported by more than 3,000 employees in 28 branches, Rentokil Indonesia is committed to delivering quality pest control services to our valued customers. The leading pest control specialist has achieved the Topbrands award for three years consecutively, and embrace health and safety as top priority for both internal and external customers. As the digital age evolves, utilsing connected solutions with digital reporting to control rodents and considering the environment with energy savings and eco-friendly pest solutions are some innovations Rentokil Indonesia offers to raising pest control standards.

Besides pest control solutions, Rentokil Initial Indonesia also offers washroom and hygiene solutions under the Calmic brand, serving wide range of business from commercial, hospitality, recreational, manufacturing and education. Air Fresh, floor mat, hand soaps, sanitisers, toilet seat cleaner and feminine hygiene units are some hygiene solutions placed in public washrooms. Our aim is to integrate both pest and hygiene services in a holistic manner to enhance customer experience and convenience.

Embracing health and healthy with full compliance in regulatory and policies, Rentokil Initial Indonesia takes pride in ensuring all employees are equipped and trained to deliver service and operational excellence in optimal manner

Media Contact

Spokesperson Rentokil Indonesia:
Heri Susanto (Managing Director Rentokil Initial Indonesia)

Contact Person (Marketing and Communications Liaison):
Denny Trismulyanto (Senior Marketing Manager, Rentokil Initial Indonesia)
Contact: [email protected]

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