Rentokil Indonesia Shines at Top Brand Award 2020

rentokil top brand award 2020

Rentokil Indonesia is starting the year 2020 by winning the most prestigious Top Brand Award. The Top Brand Award in the category of best pest control company in Indonesia was received by Mr. Darryl Hariananda as the finance director of Rentokil Indonesia.

The award was held in Hotel Mulia Jakarta on Wednesday, February 19th, 2020 and attended by representatives of several companies from well-known brands throughout Indonesia. The Top Brand Award is a symbol of customer trust and becomes the highest award given to the best brands with outstanding performance in Indonesia.

The Top Brand award is based on a survey method, carried out by involving fifteen major cities in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, Pekanbaru, and Balikpapan. Brand evaluation is based on three major parameters, namely: mind share, market share, and commitment share which then produces an indicator of brand strength in the form of Top Brand Index (TBI).

This year, Rentokil Indonesia succeeded in increasing the Top Brand Index to an index value of 40% compared to last year (32.4%). Through this achievement, Rentokil Indonesia regained the lead and placed its position as the number one brand in the category of best pest control company in Indonesia.

It has been 9 consecutive years from 2011 - 2020 for Rentokil Indonesia won the country's highest prestigious brand award. Consistency in maintaining the best service quality has become one of the important factors to make a brand last a long time.

Rentokil Indonesia continuously develops innovations to support the efficiency of pest control service, and one of them is by launching myRentokil - a digital pest control solution to support proactive pest management through an innovative online customer portal. We believe that innovation is playing an important role in raising service productivity and creating value-added to our customers in the digital era.

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