Rentokil Indonesia Wins Top Brand Award 2021

rentokil top brand award 2021

Rentokil Indonesia began the year by winning the most prestigious awards in Indonesia - Top Brand Award 2021 in the best pest control category.

We are very happy and grateful because people's trust in the Rentokil Brand is getting higher even in the midst of the current uncertain situation due to COVID-19 in Indonesia. With this achievement, it means that Rentokil Indonesia has won the top brand award for 10 times in a row from 2011.

Top Brand Award using Top Brand Index (TBI) as an indicator of how strong a brand in the market. Rentokil Indonesia's TBI has always increased in the past three years, and this year we successfully achieved a TBI value of 58.7%. This value further confirms the strength of the current Rentokil brand in Indonesia for outpacing competitors in the same business in the market.

In compliance with the COVID-19 health protocols, the reception of the Top Brand Award was conducted in quite a different way this year. The certificate was handed over from Top Brand directly to Rentokil's Indonesia head office in Jakarta. The Top Brand Award decided to delegate Mr. Hartono Yarmantho as COO of Marketing Group and team to hand over the certificate to Mr. Heri Susanto, Managing Director of Rentokil Initial Indonesia.

The Top Brand award is based on a survey method, which was carried out by involving fifteen major cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, Pekanbaru and Balikpapan. A brand is evaluated based on three major parameters, namely: mind share, market share, and commitment share which then produces an indicator of brand strengths in the form of the Top Brand Index (TBI).

The results we achieved at the beginning of 2021 are certainly inseparable from the spirit and hard work from the entire team in maintaining the best service quality and expertise to make Rentokil Indonesia as the leading pest control company in Indonesia.

In the future, Rentokil Indonesia is committed to continuously innovating and improving service quality by embracing the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) to create digital-based pest control products to adapt to the dynamic changes in the digitalization era.

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